Interested In a Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment? Read This

03 Nov

Over two decades ago, hair regrowth treatments that uses laser technology started to gain popularity, however only large hair loss clinics offered them. That is because those hood lasers cost a fortune that only a few clinics could afford them. In effect those clinics also charge expensive rates for treatments that usually run for six months. At that time, many people had claimed that the laser treatment alone was effective. On some patients, however, they also used it together with Minoxidil. Thus, others believed that the laser treatment was rather a booster to minoxidilin growing hair.

A few years later, a more affordable device that also uses laser technology came into the light. These were laster combs that cost around $1,500. Those laser combs where rather shaped like hair brushes. The early models of those laser combs used mirrors that separated the laser into five beams. The very first one was called Hairmax but as the product became more and more popular, other suppliers started making laser combs too. Now, laser combs can cost as low as $300. However, at present there are also companies that produce combs that they claim to be laser combs but in reality they are not. Click for More here!

Up to now, there are still many debates regarding the effectiveness of these laser hair regrowth technologies. There are specialist who think that the laser comb is not effective at all so they are not worth your money. While there are those who claim that it worked on them. There are also clinics where laser hood is still the most recommended treatment. The debate on the effectiveness of these two products is probably due to how they are applied. First off, the hood covers the entire scalp during one session, while other, since it is a "brush" or a comb only covers the portion of the head where it is situation at. This means you have to move it around your scalp for hours to complete a session.

So later on the laser cap was invented. Now, people say that this one is the most effective an the least expensive treatment. It works the same as a laser comb but it covers the head in almost the same way as the laser hood. It should be remembered though that whether you want the laser comb or the laser cap, it is important to seek the advice of a medical doctor first. Do not be so quick to join the bandwagon just because the others done self-diagnosis and this is not favorable. Needless to say, if you want to know more about laser hair regrowth.Click for More! To know more ideas on how to find the best hair loss treatment, just check out

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